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70x70 F.O.I.D Application Form
WARNING: Entering false information on an application for a Firearm Owner’s
Identification Card is punishable as a Class 2 felony in accordance with subsection (d-5) of Section 14 of the Firearm Owner’s Identification Card Act.

70x70 2011 ISA Scholarship application - DEADLINE MARCH 11
In 1979, the ISA established a scholarship program for college-bound students. Scholarships ranging from $500 to $1000 are awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding scholastic, extra-curricular and character qualifications. Each Illinois county, whose Sheriff participates in the Associate Member program, receives at least one $500 scholarship. For every 500 Associate members in the Sheriffs county, he receives one scholarship. We also implemented a County Scholarship Special Appeal. All monies received from this appeal are used to award additional scholarships for the county in which they are received. Scholarships help pay tuition, books, and fees at an institution of higher learning in Illinois. The 2011 ISA Scholarship application is now available click here to download and application.

70x70 Employee Application Form
Application form for employment with the Moultrie County Sheriff's Department.